“To me there is nothing more critical than engaging our 120 talented dentists in creating an extraordinary, patient-focused practice. By implementing the NOW Management System we have achieved across-the-board results beyond anything we had imagined.” CEO and Dental Director

Client: One of the largest group dental practices in the U.S. with 120 dentists, 16 offices and 180,000 patients.

Need:  A newly elected CEO and Dental Program Director had been with the organization for 17 years as a General Dentist.  Beforehand he was responsible for dental treatment and had modest involvement with operations.

He wanted to expose patient-facing processes and make improvements so that the practice lived up to its values and become the national leader.  He learned that the staff gathered measurements, yet there was not a structure that allowed senior managers to see organizational performance and highlight problems.  He was not sure how to sustain their financial performance and to efficiently grow without a better management system.  Plus, the Board had taken on a strong decision making and operational role before the new CEO was elected.  Since they were all practicing dentists, the board had very limited time and accessing them was difficult.  So the organization suffered from ineffective decision making and the board had little time for growth strategies.

Lastly, the new CEO knew they had great dentists and support staff.  He also knew they were not sufficiently engaging and leveraging their talents—a significant missed opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Project Goals

NOW Solution

The CEO and Board engaged Mass Ingenuity to provide the following services and deliverables:

o   Process inter-dependencies, handoffs, deliverables, waste, constraints, process owners and metrics

o   Quarterly business review process, root cause analysis process, tools and skill development

Client Results

“[Managing in the NOW] is easy to brag about! Wow, what a positive change it made in our company and the people who worked there! After owning a business for over 25 years, we were invigorated by Mass Ingenuity with the excitement of a new business. Mass Ingenuity not only catapulted us into the future with innovative thinking and great results, it provided employees with personal growth. The Management System visually proved to our prospects and clients that we were the right supplier for them. The results were priceless! ” — Co-founder and CEO

Client: Privately held custom cable assembly company operating as the preferred supplier for numerous world-wide customers with high requirements and expectations.

Need:  The company suffered from unpredictable business cycles exposing it to ongoing ups and downs, not always due to the economic environment. The company owner wanted to level out these cycles so they had more predictability, less variation and sustainable improved performance.

Also, the management team was very involved with tactical issues instead of the strategies that would move the business forward. Employees did not have efficient problem solving skills and it was not clear where to focus their energy. The company operated in silos, which meant that end-to-end processes which touched multiple departments were not well understood or managed. The owner needed a system of management to deliver the higher performance levels required by customers, suppliers, and employees. Also, employees needed to learn how to make improvements during down times.

NOW Management System Solution and Client Results

Consultants implemented a customized Management System and achieved the following results:

The Ultimate Result

The company received close to perfect scores by key customers, was the highest rated among all other suppliers and received many annual “best” supplier awards. This enabled an ongoing relationship with its customers. Within four years, the business was sold at a very handsome price.